LDO Leviathan Board

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LDO Leviathan Board

The Voron Leviathan V1.2 is collaboration between JNP and the team at LDO to create a controller board specific for the needs of VORON 3D printers.

It features:

  • STM32F446 Microcontroller at 180Mhz clock speed.
  • Reverse polarity protection for main power supply and HV Stepper supply input
  • Superior stepper driver cooling (passive)
  • Dedicated mounting space for a Raspberry Pi 3,4,5 or Zero 2W
  • Dedicated power supply and uart port for Raspberry Pi
  • 5x Integrated TMC2209 stepper drivers.
  • 2x Integrated 48V rated TMC5160 stepper drivers.
  • 4x Fan ports with flyback protection, 5V/24V selectable voltage, and tachometer inputs.
  • 4x Thermistor ports with 2k2 ohm pullup resistors.
  • 1x Dedicated LED strip with flicker free dimming down to 1%.
  • 1x Neopixel port.
  • 1x Hotend power output up to 180W.
  • 1x Hotbed power output up to 240W
  • 1x Dedicated Z probe port with selectable voltage and integrated diode.
  • 3x Endstop ports and a filament sensor port

Electrical Specifications

Parameter Symbol Min Typ Max Unit Comments
Main Supply Voltage Vin 18 24 28 V Supply voltage for the entire PCB except for HV stepper drivers
HV Stepper Supply Voltage VHV 24 48 55 V Supply voltage for the HV stepper drivers
RPi Supply Out IRPI 3 A Current rating of Raspberry Power supply output
Hotend Current Ihe 7.5 A Current rating of hotend channel
Heatbed Current Ihb 10 A Current rating of heatbed channel
Fan Current Ifan 0.5 A Current rating per fan channel
Stepper Current Imot 2 A Current rating of each TMC2209 stepper channel
HV Stepper Current Ihv_mot 3 A Current rating of each TMC5160 stepper driver
Neopixel Current Irgb 0.5 A Current rating Neopixel port
LED-Strip Current Iled 0.35 A Current rating of LED strip
Endstop IO Level Vstop 3.3 5.0 V Logic level of endstop input
Filament Sensor IO Level Vfil 3.3 5.0 V Logic level of filament sensor input


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